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Pots & Planters

Pots & Planters

Whether you've got the green fingers of a seasoned gardener or don't know your herbs from your weeds, Topiary Garden has everything you need to get growing. A good place to start is with plant pots and we've got a range in many colours, shapes and sizes. There's decorative indoor pots in the season's latest shades, as well as all weather outdoor pots and even pots that Glow in the Dark.

Plant pots for inside and out - why not try mixing and matching styles and colours to create your own, unique garden in an instant. There’s nothing like plants in pots to turn any outdoor area into your own oasis. Putting pots at different heights, even in a small spaces will make your outdoor evenings with family and friends even longer and cosier.

Even if it’s cold and wet outside, a few beautiful plants and plant pots will mean it’s always summer, somewhere in your home. Our pots and planters help you bring new colours and textures into your home and garden.


Our range of stylish contemporary plant pots and planters are selected from top quality manufacturers in the UK and around the wor...


A range of inexpensive but versatile gardening staples such as the humble plastic plant pot with prices starting from £2.99. Why...