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Bespoke Metalwork

When you want something truly unique, our talented artisans can create bespoke topiary frames and architectural garden metalwork just for you.

Our Bespoke topiary frames and architectural garden metalwork pieces are not just for gardens. Here are just a few suggested uses:

  • Special events and exhibitions
  • Shop window displays
  • Party centerpieces
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Props for photo shoots and theatres
  • Corporate logos
  • Signage

Get inspired by some of the architectural garden metalwork we've previously created for clients across the UK:

  • A 7 foot tall Cinderella slipper and a 6 foot Snow White's Apple for pantomimes
  • Flower arrangement pedestals for wedding florists
  • Registered trademark symbol for a signage exhibition
  • Bespoke numbers and letters for gardens
  • Pot holders for the Patio

With bespoke designs, the only limit is your imagination. Please contact info@topiarygarden.co.uk or phone 0800 978 8879 (free from a UK landline) to discuss your ideas.

Please note that our bespoke topiary frames are only available in the UK, because overseas delivery is a challenge for these items (as we’re sure you’ll understand).

Snow White's AppleCinderella's SlipperBespoke Metalwork