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Heucheras are grown primarily for their attractive, rounded, shallowly palmately shaped leaves which often have ruffled edges, dark veins and mottled frosting. More or less evergreen, clump forming perennials with dainty, May-flowering spikes of red, pink or white bells. Heucheras are also commonly known as coral bells.

A compact plant that will give you year round interest with their variegated and textured leaves in a wide range of colours including bright greens, autumnal bronzes, reds and the darkest chocolates and blacks. Growing Heucheras can also be addictive, once you have grown a few different varieties you’ll be on the lookout for more.

Heucheras are easy to grow, preferring sun or part shade in moist but well drained soil, most will grow very well in dappled shade and the acid green varieties do well in shade. They can be grown in almost any situation, great for growing in borders, planters, and hanging baskets. Once established they are drought tolerant and their final size depends on the variety but they range from approximately 20cm to 50cm height and spread and bees love them.

We’re sure you will be wowed by their foliage and they will continue to impress with delicate spires of flowers in summer which sway above the foliage in shades from creamy white to bright red. Then on into autumn and winter they continue to provide colour and interest.

Our range of Heucheras include 6 sturdy varieties with “lots of leaves per pot" that have been bred and developed in the UK which are better suited to UK growing conditions and Gardens. These are Autumn Glow, Bright & Breezy, Dark Storm, September Morn, Sunrise and Winter Joy.

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